Sell Me Your Property

Sell me your property….BUT FIRST

Before you do that you may want to consider listing your property with us instead….and here’s why.

Bottom line, you will net more money $$$!!

Of course there are selling expenses associated with every sale BUT if you sell to one of the “We Buy Houses for Cash” guys your costs will be much higher and the money in your pocket when it is sold will be much less. You see your home, in its current “as is” state, has a “Market Value”.  Those guys won’t pay you market value; they will offer you at best 75%-80% (in some cases 50%) of that market value because they want to make a profit.

They will then in turn assign, yes assign the contract of sale to someone else, they typically don’t purchase your house, another party does that. This is called an “Assignment Fee” (the difference between what they actually pay you and the market value of your house) – in other words your you are giving up 20%-25% of the market value of your house when you choose this method of sale.

By listing the property with us your costs would be no more than 7%-8%.  A big difference!

Here’s an example of the “We Buy Houses”approach:  

Assuming your property has a market value of $100,000 they may offer you $75,000. Since the market value is $100,000 they charge an assignment fee of $25,000 so that the total cost to an investor (the typical end party who buys the home) is $100,000 that way the actual buyer (the investor) can still make money when they fix it up and sell it to a home buyer. So, at settlement, the seller (YOU) would get a check for $75,000 and they would get a check from the investor for $ 25,000. That is your $ 25,000 you gave up.!!!

Here’s an example of the “Listing” approach:  

In the example above, your property sells at $100,000 your selling costs are 8%.  Your check at settlement is $ 92,000. That is a savings of $17,000 that goes in YOUR pocket!!

The final analysis is this, whether you use a “We Buy Houses for Cash ” approach to sell your home OR a “Listing” approach you get CASH either way, just more using the “Listing” approach.

Here is my offer:

Let’s start by listing your property “as is” (this means you will NOT make or pay for ANY repairs) for 60 days and see what happens. If you need the funds now, we can discuss a shorter period. Remember it typically takes 20-30 days no matter which process you use to sell your house due to the title work required.

If you need the money sooner we can talk about how to accomplish that. At the very least you will know your home’s market value.

What have you got to lose????

I am confident, based on my extensive experience of countless deal evaluations over the past 10 years we can get you the most money for your home.

Fill out the form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.